BJP thanks Shah Rukh Khan for exposing ‘corrupt Congress rule’ through Jawan


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday took potshots at the Congress by referring to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie “Jawan”, claiming that the film exposes the Congress’s 10 years of “corrupt and policy paralysis-ridden” regime.

“We must thank Shah Rukh Khan for exposing the corrupt, policy paralysis-ridden Congress rule from 2004 to 2014 through Jawan Movie,” BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia wrote, while sharing a poster of the film.

The film reminds all viewers of the “tragic political past” during the UPA government, he claimed.

Furthermore, Bhatia also pointed out various alleged scams, including CWG, 2G and coal-gate, which took place during the UPA-II regime between 2009 and 2014, stating that “the government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained a ‘clean record’ with no scams in the past nine and a half years”

“As he (Khan) puts it, ‘Hum jawaan hain, apni jaan hazaar baar daon par laga sakte hain, lekin sirf desh ke liye; tumhare jaise desh bechne walo ke liye hargiz nahi.’ It’s so apt for the Gandhi family,” the BJP spokesperson said.

He also claimed that at least 1.6 lakh farmers committed suicides during the “Congress era” while the NDA government implemented minimum support price (MSP) credited Rs 2.55 lakh crore directly to the bank account of 11 crore farmers through PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme.

“Congress Rule extended loans to defaulting friends. Fugitive Vijay Mallya thanked the then PM Manmohan Singh ji for extending further loan, without even repayment of the earlier loans,” Gaurav Bhatia pointed out.

“Thank you, Shah Rukh Khan. Under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, these issues are now a thing of the past,” he added.


The Atlee-directed film “Jawan” revolves around a father-son story with Shah Rukh Khan being the man with many faces. The superstar can be seen as a soldier, a romantic hero and a Robin Hood-esque figure, who tries to bust a massive nexus of politicians and businessmen who are in cahoots.

The movie, which has broken several box-office records, touches upon many serious issues like corruption, government apathy, farmers suicide, children dying in a hospital due to lack of oxygen, faulty army weapons and dangerous factories near residential areas. In one of the key scenes, Shah Rukh Khan urges the common people to vote sensibly.