BJP nominates housemaid as Candidate in Bengal


Guwahati:   The Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday released the candidate list comprises names of party members contesting elections in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth phases. 

Among all the candidates BJP this time has given a ticket to a housemaid named Kalita Majhi from Aushgram constituency in West Bengal for the assembly elections. 

Kalita Majhi, the BJP candidate for Aushgram constituency in West Bengal for the assembly elections, has sought leave for the households where she works as domestic help, so that she can concentrate on campaigning. She had to made this arrangement after her name was listed as the party candidate from the reserved constituency on Thursday.

According to a report published in OpIndia, Kalita Majhi comes from a poor family in East Burdwan district, she had to end her studies even before completing her primary school. After marriage also, her economic situation has not seen much improvement, as her husband works as a plumber. As her husband’s income is not enough to meet the expenses of the family, 32 years old Kalita Majhi works as a domestic help in the area.

But all that may change, as BJP has named her as the party candidate from Aushgram constituency. Following her finalisation as the candidate, Kalita Majhi has geared up for the election campaign. A residence of the Majhpara area in ward number 3 in the Guskhara Pur in Aushgram, Kalita had to do another preparation that most other candidates don’t need to. She went to the households where she works as a domestic help, and sought a leave for one month as she will be busy in the elections. She works as a domestic help in three households in the area.

Kalita Majhi’s husband Subrata Majhi works as a plumber, and the couple has a son named Partha Majhi, who is in class 8. Her parental home is at Kashemnagar in Mangakot, she is among 7 sisters and 1 brother in the family. Her father was a daily wage earner, who has passed away.

Kalita Majhi said that she could not study much due to financial condition, and she will have this regret for her entire life. She added that if she wins, she will try her best to ensure that poor students get opportunity for education. “I understand the suffering of the poor”, she said.

Majhi is an active member of the party, and had earlier contested the Panchayat elections.

Other than Kalita Majhi, BJP has fielded another woman in the Bengal election who is the wife of a daily wager earner. Chandana Bauri, BJP candidate for Saltora Assembly, is among the poorest candidates in the polls. Her husband Sraban is a mason who works as a daily wager earning about Rs 400 per day. Sometimes Chandana also works as a helper with her husband. She is an active worker of the party, a senior member of the district unit.