BJP-LJP will form new government in Bihar: Chirag Paswan


Patna: A day after the conclusion of Phase-1 of assembly elections in Bihar, Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) president Chirag Paswan said that the feedback he has received from party candidates and workers indicates that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) along with LJP will form a new government in the state.

“Every person who wants development in Bihar, wants unemployment and corruption to end in the state and wants migration to stop is voting for the candidates of BJP and LJP. This time the people have voted for change and development. The feedback I am getting from my party candidates and workers clearly indicates that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar won’t be able to retain his position after November 10. BJP-LJP will form a new government in Bihar,” Paswan said.

He also attacked the Chief Minister for his silence on Rahul Gandhi’s statement about Prime Minister’s effigies being burnt in Punjab on Dussehra and accused him of forming an alliance with the Congress leader.

“Rahul Gandhi spoke against the Prime Minister in Bihar, and the Chief Minister, who never tires sharing the stage with him (Prime Minister) for his political gain, did not say a word on the issue. Somebody comes to Bihar and abuses the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister does not say a word. I want to ask what’s cooking (saanth-ganth) between the two of you (Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi),” said the LJP president.

He also condemned Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Twitter and attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his silence on the issue.

“On the land of Bihar, Rahul Gandhi has mentioned the condemnable incident in Punjab in relation to the Prime Minister and the current Chief Minister of Bihar is silent. He is desperate to share the stage with the Prime Minister but on this hateful statement of Rahul Gandhi, he does say a word,” he tweeted.

“LJP condemns the Punjab government-sponsored event on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra in which the effigy of Prime Minister was burnt. This is not the culture of Punjab nor the people of Punjab have done it. Punjab Government is behind this,” Paswan said in another tweet.

He also hit out at the Chief Minister on the Munger firing incident and compared the state government to the demon “Mahisasura”.

“Calling what happened to the devotees of Maa Durga in Munger shameful would not be enough. At the behest of the Mahisasura government, the local administration took action. Firing cannot happen without orders. Devotees of Mother Durga will kill this Mahisasuri system on November 10,” he tweeted. (ANI)