Bighatlevi: Creating ripples of growth in the fintech space with Asteria Labs, his venture


He serves as one of the founders of Asteria Labs and is now driven to create more exciting NFT projects under it.

Wondrous are all those people and professionals who create wonderful journeys for themselves and pave their own path to success, showing their best and proving their mettle in everything they do in their careers and lives. This is definitely easier said than done, but a few astute minds and driven professionals like bighatlevi have been doing exactly that and much more and still have managed to make their marks in their respective industries as true-blue professionals. bighatlevi has been making big successes for himself in the crypto, NFT, and the overall tech niches. Wondering how he reached at the forefront of these industries? Well, he capitalized on his ideas and worked passionately at every step of the way.

Asteria Labs is the brainchild of bighatlevi, along with another co-founder. He even manages the position of being the Managing Partner and Director of Operations at Asteria Labs, which has been taking over the fintech space in ways more than one, thanks to the smartness in business and compelling business strategies that the team has worked around to gain enormous success for the Web3 company. It has in no time achieved specialization in user experiences and technological innovation, and major credit must go to bighatlevi for contributing consistently to the growth of the company.

Under the company, bighatlevi is the one who also founded incredible NFT projects like DuhverseNFT and EthaliensNFT, where both today are making massive headlines in the world of crypto and NFTs and developing more excitement in people and investors to place their bets on the same for getting ahead in the industry and attaining more success. bighatlevi loves to keep engaging with his growing number of followers on Twitter, where he always shares his opinions, latest updates, and information on his NFT projects. This way, he creates a close connection with people who look to get involved in these promising NFT projects.