Big Expose | Khairul Islam a Foreigner: Gauhati HC


It’s a big expose by your channel News Live that has caught NRC officials and the Morigaon district administration on the wrong foot yet again. Khairul Islam, who was earlier declared a foreigner by Foreigners’ Tribunal, Morigaon, has already been declared a foreigner by the Gauhati High Court. The Gauhati High Court’s verdict in the case came even before the release of the NRC draft in which the petitioner’s name was included. The Gauhati High Court dismissed Khairul Islam’s petition challenging the Morigaon Foreigners’ Tribunal’s order on June 13, 2018.

However, despite, the order passed by the Gauhati High Court, his name had figured in the final draft NRC published on July 30.


Apart from Khairul Islam, the Gauhati High Court has also upheld the Morigaon Foreigners’ Tribunal’s order that declared his mother, three brothers and a sister foreigners.

Incidentally, News Live had earlier exposed as to how Khairul, a school teacher working at Thengsali Khanda Pukhuri LP School in Morigaon district, was involved in the NRC update process despite being declared a foreigner by Foreigners’ Tribunal.

He was subsequently relieved of his NRC duties by Morigaon district administration following our report.