Bengali Actress Koel Mallick and family test positive for COVID-19


Guwahati: Bengali film actor Koel Mallick and her family have tested positive for Covid-19. She revealed in a post on Twitter that she, her parents, Bengali film actor Ranjit Mallick and his wife Deepa Mallick, and her husband, producer Nispal Singh, have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Tasking to her twitter, Koel said, “Baba Ma Rane & I are tested COVID-19 Positive…self quarantined!,” she wrote.


Many from the Bengali film and television industry including filmmaker Satrajit Sen, actors Vikram Chatterjee and Jeet wished a speedy recovery for Koel and her family.

Koel Mallick and her husband Nispal Singh became parents to a baby boy on May 5. The couple announced the news on Twitter as they wrote, “Our little one has arrived this morning! We want to share our joy with you and seek your blessings for our baby boy.”