Be wary of ‘khichdi’ govt: PM Modi to voters


Mounting a blistering attack on the opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the voters on Thursday not to vote for a “khichdi” (coalition) government.

“Be wary of a ‘khichdi’ government,” he told an election rally here.

Stating that voting for the opposition alliance was fraught with danger, the prime minister said, “The ‘mahagathbandhan’ can only lead to anarchy and instability and make the country insecure.”

Azamgarh had become synonymous with terrorism, Modi said, adding that however, the scenario had changed since 2014, when the BJP-led government was formed at the Centre.

“Earlier, all terror activities had links to Azamagarh. But what happened after 2014 is for all of you to see,” he said.

“How were bomb blasts brought under control in all the cities after 2014? How have terror activities been restricted only to Jammu and Kashmir now? It is because our government prioritised national interest. We entered Pakistan and attacked terrorists,” he said amid an applause from the audience.

The prime minister added that people had already seen how “gathbandhan” governments were steeped in corruption in the past and cited the 2G scam among others.