Be careful, COVID19 chain remains intact in Guwahati: GMCH Principal


GUWAHATI: The COVID19 transmission rate in Guwahati has not come down much. It would be dangerous for the residents to drop their guard, says Professor, Dr. Achyut Ch. Baishya, Principal Cum Chief Superintendent, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

“In the last month, from 19th, we did not witness more than 199 cases. It did not go above 200 cases per day. We thought that in July the infection rate will come down. It was hovering at around 2 per cent and even came down to 1.59 per cent on 2nd of July. Then it gradually increased to 1.77 per cent, 2.25 per cent and in the past four days the infection rate has gone up,” stated Professor Baishya.

The Chief Superintendent urged the people to break the COVID19 transmission chain so that life goes back to normal in the city.

“There is an increase in numbers for the month of July in Guwahati. It just means that the cases are there and the chain remains intact. We need to break this chain somehow. This transmission of the virus has to be stopped. It can only be done if people are more alert and cautious. Only then the COVID19 cases will come down in Guwahati. That would be good for the people and the city. If we look back to last year, from November to March people were living normal lives. Even schools had started opening. Then in April COVID19 cases increased and everything was shut down,” said the GMCH Chief Superintendent.

Professor Baishya warned that the infection rate was not coming down and Guwahati is very much in danger as people are not taking the virus seriously.

“The positivity rate remains above 2 percent in Guwahati. It means that the rate of infection is not coming down. To save Guwahati, its residents will have to maintain the existing COVID19 protocols – social distancing, wearing face masks, sanitizing. The city roads are full with vehicles and if you check properly, only 4 out of 20 will be seen wearing face masks. Social distancing is also not followed properly. These people have not seen death from near and are not aware of the suffering of COVID19 patients,” said Dr. Achyut Baishya.

The Principal said that rising COVID19 cases have blocked the treatment of other diseases at GMCH. People were not able to receive proper treatment. “If we look at GMCH, we have 550 COVID19 patients under treatment. This has lead to the closure of the ICU and the Super-Specialty Hospital. It is hampering the treatment of other diseases,” said the Chief Superintendent.