Bal Gangadhar Tilak birth anniversary: Freedom Fighter Who Said, “Swaraj Is My Birth Right”


Guwahati: Revered freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak – born Keshav Gangadhar Tilak – was born on 23rd July 1856 in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. We all remember this strong leader for the line: Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it! 

As the nation remembers his contribution on his 163rd birth anniversary on July 23 here are 10 interesting facts about Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

 Bal Gangadhar Tilak, was popularly known as Lokmanya, and dedicated his life for the cause of “Purna Swaraj” (complete self-rule).

He was called ‘The Father of the Indian Unrest’ by the British people who ruled India till 1947.

Being the first and foremost leader of the Indian Independence Movement, Bal Gangadhar Tilak became popular as the ‘Father of Swaraj’.

To ensure that youngsters in India attain quality education, Bal Gangadhar Tilak found the Deccan Education Society in 1884.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak joined the Indian National Congress Party in the year 1890.

Before Independence, Bal Gangadhar Tilak started weeklies such as Kesari (The Lion) and Mahratta. Kesari was Marathi language weekly while Mahratta was English weekly. Through these newspapers Tilak became widely known for his criticisms of British rule.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak had popular leaders such as Bipin Chandra Pal and Lala Lajpat Rai as his political companions. The three were popularly known as ‘Lal-Bal-Pal triumvirate.’

When Bal Gangadhar Tilak was imprisoned during the freedom struggle, he wrote a book titled ‘Gita-Rahasya’ from behind the bars.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak founded the Indian Home Rule League and served as its president and in 1916 he concluded the Lucknow Pact with Mohammed Ali Jinnah, which provided for Hindu-Muslim unity in the nationalist struggle.