BAD NEWS! Milk prices to go up by ₹ 3 from Jan 1


GUWAHATI, Dec 29: Bad news for people of Guwahati. Already facing the brunt of skyrocketing vegetable prices, they will now have to pay more for milk.

The Greater Guwahati Dairy Farmers’ Association has decided to hike milk prices by ₹ 3 per litre. The increase will become effective from Jan 1.

Post hike, consumers in Guwahati will have to pay ₹ 49 for a litre of milk. Consumers, however, could end up paying even more with milkmen charging varying amounts from consumers on the pretext of supplying “pure milk”.

The hike in milk prices will also result in a corresponding increase in prices of sweets and other milk-based products.

“Onion prices have hit the roof. Vegetable prices are also skyrocketing. Now I’ve heard milk prices will also go up. It’s really getting tough to maintain our families,” Karishma Das, a resident of Chandmari, told News Live.


Incidentally, the West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Limited (WAMUL) which owns the Purabi milk brand had in November hiked milk prices in Guwahati by ₹ 4 a litre.