‘Back to Village’ themed tableau of J-K showcases rich heritage, traditional art of the region


New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir participated in the Republic Day 2020 parade for the first time as a Union Territory on Sunday. The tableau on the theme ‘Back to Village’, showcased the rich cultural life and heritage of the region.

While an artisan weaving a Kashmiri shawl was depicted in the front, the middle part showcased an artisan working on the traditional pottery. The rear part showed an artist making a painting in the traditional Basholi style.

While artists performed folk music and dance, others were seen going about their routine business amidst a lush green landscape. A typical Kashmiri wooden house and a wooden bridge over a gushing rivulet were also showcased in the tableau.

‘Back to Village’ is a programme which was started last year by the Jammu and Kashmir administration which has been garnering a massive response, especially from the people in the militancy infested areas.

The aim of the programme is to bridge the gap between the achievable and achieved goals in development, take governance to doorsteps of the rural and inaccessible areas and generate credible and empirical feedback. (ANI)