Avoid using word ‘nationalism’, as it is derived from Hitler or Nazi: Mohan Bhagwat


Ranchi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said people should avoid using the word “nationalism” as its meaning could be seen to be derived from Hitler’s Nazism. 

Bhagwat made this statement at an RSS programme held at Mukherjee University Morabadi here earlier today.

The RSS chief recounted his conversation with an RSS worker in UK where he said: “…’nationalism’ shabd ka upyog mat kijiye. Nation kahenge chalega, national kahenge chalega, nationality kahenge chalgea, nationalism mat kaho. Nationalism ka matlab hota hai Hitler, naziwaad.” (Don’t use the word nationalism. Use of the words Nation or nationality is okay but don’t use nationalism because it means Hitler, Nazism).”

Bhagwat added that there is unrest across the country due to fundamentalism, however, every citizen of India is connected to each other despite of diversity in the country because “we are connected with the word Hindu”.

“There is unrest in the country due to fundamentalism. It has been India’s policy to neither become a slave nor to make anyone a slave. India has a quality of uniting everyone. Indian culture is Hindu culture. Every citizen of India is connected to each other despite diversity because we are connected with the word Hindu,” said Bhagwat during the event.

Bhagwat also that the RSS is expanding not for itself but with the end goal to make India a world leader.

He said as the nation progress, the Sangh will also keep moving forward on the agenda of Hindutva which will work to connect the country.

“India has to become a world master. When India grew up as a nation, it proved out to be good for the world,” he added. (ANI)