At least 30 students injured after hanging bridge collapses in Karimganj


Guwahati: At least 30 students were injured after a hanging bridge fell down in Assam’s Karimganj district.

The incident took place in the Cheragi area under Ratabari assembly constituency on Monday (October 4).

The incident took place when the students of Cheragi Vidyapith High School were crossing the hanging bridge over the Singla river and suddenly it collapsed and many students fell into the river.

As per reports, the hanging bridge on the Singla river is the only connection between the Cheragi area and the village which was being used by the students to reach other schools and other areas.

According to Hindustan Times, the onlookers said that around 100 students were crossing the hanging bridge together when it suddenly collapsed. Some of the students managed to cross the bridge but most of the students fell into the river. Many students knew swimming so they helped in rescuing each other. However, 30 students got injured. Some students sustained severe injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital by the local people.

As per the villagers, the hanging bridge was constructed in 2017.

Meanwhile, the district administration of Karimganj has ordered an enquiry to find out the reason of sudden collapse of hanging bridge.