ASTM offers India’s first online Women Safety Course


New Delhi: Economic and technological advancements notwithstanding, India’s place in the world will be determined by how safe women are in this country.

A woman should never limit herself to the safe confines of her home simply because she doesn’t have safe and empowering public spaces.

Women often give up exciting opportunities for fear of unsafe working environments. In such a scenario, the best gift a woman can receive is to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will boost her confidence.

ASTM’s Women Safety Training program provides women from all walks of life, corporate or otherwise, with the knowledge needed to protect themselves in unsafe scenarios.

This Women Safety Training course is conducted by ASTM Academy, a security training institute that has been training security professionals for over a decade. The online course seeks to transform today’s woman with psychological awareness, self-defence techniques, and awareness of how the law can protect her.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, ASTM Academy is offering this course at a very affordable cost investment to help women leave conquer their fear and stride independently towards the life they choose.

This practical course will give women the resources to keep safe in public places, workplaces, and private arenas. A safe, stress-free workplace brings out the best in individuals and also attracts the best talents in the industry. What better way to ensure that all women employees are in an atmosphere where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’!

Women empowerment is not just about protection, it’s also about giving women the means to get justice for any trespasses that may occur in their lives. Backed by years of experience in training, ASTM Academy deals with women’s Safety from all possible perspectives.

This course equips the participants with easily accessible know-how on technological, legal, social, and governmental support. A woman who is well informed is also well-armed to navigate into a world that may spring surprises on her unsuspecting self.

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