Assembly polls bring smiles on faces of flower sellers in Assam


Guwahati: As garlands and bouquets are needed for election rallies, the sales of flowers are brisk ahead of the assembly elections in Assam, bringing smiles on the faces of flower sellers.
Be it any political party, flowers find a place in every poll rally. Garlands and bouquets are used for greeting leaders.

“There has been a brisk sale of flowers in this election time. Although the marriage and festival seasons have not begun, there is a high demand for flowers and garlands for political leaders,” Rajeshwar Rai, a flower trader told ANI.

Another businessman Harendra Nath Malakar told ANI, “The sale of flowers for other functions is low. But there has been a continuous demand for flowers for political events and campaigns. We are happy.”
Elections for the 126-seat Assam assembly are scheduled to take place in three phases from March 27 to April 6. The results will be announced on May 2. (ANI)