Assam’s NGO received fund from foreign organisation with terror links: LRO


GUWAHATI: Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has raised allegations against an NGO from Assam of receiving money from dubious sources. The LRO in a tweet alleged that Anfar Foundation of Assam’s Hojai got Rs. 8 crore from Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW).

It further stated that banks accounts of IRW have been frozen in the European Union countries for terror activities and its relations with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Turkish IHH (Ajmal Foundation donor).

“#FCRAViolation Anfar Foundation, Hojai Assam got Rs 8 Cr from Islamic Relief Worldwide- IRW, whose bank accs r frozen in EU countries for terror activities n its relations with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, #Hamas, Turkish IHH (Ajmal Foundation donor), wrote @HMOIndia for action++” the Legal Rights Observatory tweeted.

Regarding the role of IRW with terrorist outfits, Rep. Paul Gosar n prominent Muslim reformist M. Zuhdi Jasser said in discussion on @meforum’s on IRW, an international Islamist charity franchise connected to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and which subsidizes Hamas ++” stated in a series of tweets. 

“In the year 2012, UBA Bank closed Islamic Relief Worldwide’s bank account due to concerns about counter-terrorist regulations. In 2014, the United Arab Emirates included IRW and IR-UK on a list of terrorist entities n has been designated as a terror organization by the UAE.+” it further added.

Earlier, the legal rights group alleged that Ajmal Foundation of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal received foreign funding to a tune of Rs 69.55 crore from various dubious sources which have been primarily engaged in terror financing and money laundering activities.

“#FCRAViolation Ajmal Foundation of @BadruddinAjmal got Rs 69.55 Cr for educn, used only Rs 2.05 Cr for it, rest routed for #AIUDF, to counter @himantabiswa’s #Hindutva juggernaut, #Turkish n UK terror grps funded it in crores! Wrote @HMOIndia for #FCRA cancellation. Details here,” it tweeted. 

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