Assamese speakers dip, Bengali, Hindi speakers increase in Assam: Census language report


The percentage of people speaking Assamese in Assam have further dipped, creating widespread reactions. Along with Assamese, Bodo, Rabha and Santhali speakers have also been on the decline while the number of Hindi and Bengali speakers has increased during the corresponding period.

The languages and mother tongue data of 2011 census has been released by census authorities that points to the further dip from 48.80 in 2001 to 48.38 in 2011. The percentage of Assamese speakers was 57.81 per cent in 1991.

Bodo speakers, too, declined to 4.53 per cent of the total population in 2011 from 4.86 per cent in 2001.n the other hand, the percentage of Bengali speakers rose to 28.91 per cent in 2011 from the 27.54 in 2001 while the corresponding increase in the number of Hindi speakers has been 6.73 per cent in 2011 from the 5.89 in 2001.

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