Assamese finally added to Google Translate


Guwahati: As real-time translation apps break language barriers, Google has finally added the Assamese language to Google Translate along with seven other Indian Languages including Mizo and Meiteilon from Manipur.

Google officials on Thursday announced that it is adding 24 new languages to its Google Translate tool.

Of the 24 new languages, the eight newly added languages are:

  • Assamese, used by about 25 million people in Northeast India
  • Bhojpuri, used by about 50 million people in northern India, Nepal and Fiji
  • Dogri, used by about 3 million people in northern India
  • Konkani, used by about 2 million people in Central India
  • Maithili, used by about 34 million people in northern India
  • Meiteilon (Manipuri), used by about 2 million people in Northeast India
  • Mizo, used by about 830,000 people in Northeast India
  • Sanskrit, used by about 20,000 people in India

With this, the total number of Indian languages supported by the service now stands at 19. The announcement was made at the annual Google conference I/O that began late on Wednesday night.

These 24 new languages, Google said, have been added using Zero-Shot Machine Translation, where a machine learning model only sees monolingual text.

The Zero-Shot Machine Translation basically learns to translate into another language without ever seeing an example. “While this technology is impressive, it isn’t perfect,” Google said in an official blogpost.