Assam woman shines in ship manufacturing business


Guwahati: At the moment she is the only female entrepreneur in Assam dealing in the ship manufacturing business. Meet Assamese businesswoman Anjali Borah who has set an example for many as she shines in the ship construction business in the state.

Apart from manufacturing ships for the government, Anjali Borah also owns two restaurants “Bhoot-Jolokia” in Zoo Road and “Panchoi” in the Panikhaiti area of Guwahati. Borah is a resident of AIDC, Guwahati and a mother of two.

Borah has sold 28 ships to Inland Water Transport (IWT) department till now. Between 2102 and 2015, Borah sold 20 pontoon boats to IWT.  In 2018, she delivered 6 ships and 4 more in 2019. She has received an order of Rs. 11 crore rupees for the construction of three ships which are currently under construction at her ship manufacturing plant in Panikhaiti, Guwahati.

Anjali Borah started taking interest in the business after the death of her husband in 2010. “My husband was in this business and after his death in 2010, I was the only one left to look after my family and the business. He had the contracts from the Inland Water Transport department so I decided to step in this business to fulfill the contract,” said Borah.

Borah admits that being a woman she had to face some difficulties in the beginning as it is a very different kind of work and requires multiple skills.

“As I was a housewife and had no experience in ship building I had to overcome many obstacles to become successful in this field. I always believed in myself and I had a feeling that I can do it. I gave my best and started searching for raw materials and products required for the manufacturing. Today, I am fully aware of the field that I am working in and I directly buy items like Capstan Steel, rope, chains, life jacket, lifebouys from Kolkata,” said Anjali Borah.

She also added, “I have worked day and night to be successful in this field. I am the only female in Assam who is in this largely male dominated business. All my employees and people I transact with are males. Though the government keeps talking about women empowerment, I have not received any help from them.”

*written by Rajib Saikia for Niyomiya Barta*