Assam woman in Rajasthan alleges torture by husband, seeks CM Sarma’s help


A woman from Assam who was married to a man from Rajasthan crying for help. Unable to bear the torture and pain, Poonam Singh from Bihupuria area of Assam’s Tinsukia district has pleaded Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to save her.

Poonam Singh in a Facebook Livestream today alleged that she is being subjected to emotional and mental abuse by her husband- Amarchand Rathi and his family in Rajasthan.

Poonam Singh who belongs to a poor family was married to Amarchand Rathi in 2007. But when she moved to Rajasthan with her husband after they were married, he deprived her of her status as his wife and marital bliss without giving her a reason. Since then, she has been living a life of despair for the past 17 years. She had also taken up the matter with the Rajasthan Police, but they had not responded, said Poonam.

“I am helpless. Ever since I moved to Rajasthan in 2017 after marrying Amarchand Rathi, I have been the victim of inhumane torture by him and his family members. I had taken up the matter with the Rajasthan Police as well, however, I have not received any help yet. I am alive today, but the situation is such, I might be killed tomorrow. I appeal to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to rescue me from here and save my life,” she said in the Facebook Livestream.

She urged the Assam government to rescue her as soon as possible as both her and her child’s lives are in danger.