Assam: Woman branded as ‘witch’, severely beaten in Biswanath


GUWAHATI: Women continue to be accused of witchcraft in many parts of Assam even as the government is yet to act on a draft bill to check the practice. In a recent incident of witch-hunting, a woman was seriously injured after being beaten by local women.

Women from Diring Bagan line number 2 under Balisang post in Biswanath Chariali held a woman responsible for the illness of another woman and beat her badly on Tuesday night.

“We were informed by the local residents about the incident and the police station in-charge immediately rushed to the spot and rescued the woman. Currently, she is receiving treatment at a local hospital,” said a senior Assam Police official from Biswanath Chariali police station.

According to Assam Police around eight women from the village called this victim who is being labeled as a witch to a sick lady’s home and held her responsible for the condition of that sick lady. She was thrashed by the other women till she was injured.

A case has been registered under Biswanath Chariali Police station and the officials have recorded the statement of the victim.

“Based on the statement of the victim we have apprehended 6 women and we are interrogating them for further details” said a senior Assam Police official.