Assam: Tinsukia’s Disangmukh Residents Fear Floods Again This Year


Guwahati: Residents of 10 villages in Disangmukh area of Assam’s Sivasagar district fear that the area would be flooded during the monsoon season and urged the government to take steps to solve the problem of flooding that they face every year.

The entire Disangmukh area which is dominated by the ‘Mishing’ tribe people is a flood-prone area. People suffer many difficulties during monsoon season every year.

Every year people of the area have been forced to move to highland areas to take shelter along with domestic animals during floods.

Ranoj Panging, a local resident of the Disangmukh area said that they have been facing many problems during flood time.
“Every year, we are facing the same problems. Many villagers of the area are forced to leave their homes and take shelter in high lands. We fear the same condition this year also,” Panging said.

He further said many villagers are being prepared to make temporary shelter homes in high lands.

Ranoj sought the state government’s help and said, “Now high lands have become our second home. The government should take appropriate measures to tackle the flood situation in our area.”

Another local from the same area, Nunu Panging said, “We have been facing a similar situation every year, it is difficult to survive. Sometimes we won’t able to get drinking water even.”

Last year, nearly 6.50 lakh people in 22 districts of the state were affected by floods.

(Inputs from ANI)