Assam: Tezpur University invites proposals from young student innovators


GUWAHATI: Regional Innovation Science Hub for Innovators (RISHI) of Tezpur University in Assam is inviting proposals from students of 9th to 11th standard from the state to submit short proposals of scientific ideas and models.

The proposals should be of 2 pages maximum in Assamese or English. Total 10 students will be selected to conduct their projects. The selected innovators will have to carry out their proposed project work either from their respective home, nearby available facilities or in the laboratories/workshop of Tezpur University.

After completion of the project work to a visible form, the innovators will have to demonstrate their functional output through online video conferencing or if possible, they will visit Tezpur University to demonstrate their innovations.

The material cost of maximum up to Rs. 2000 of the proposed project will be reimbursed to each student upon submission of proper bill or cash memos. Also an additional amount of Rs.1000 will be paid to each of the selected students as lump-sum stipend along with participation certificate on successful demonstration and submission of the projects.

The interested students can get the details by visiting the official website of Tezpur University—