Assam tea fetches record price


A brand of Assam tea created another record with a kilogram of processed orthodox tea leaves from Manohari tea estate in Dibrugarh district fetched Rs 39,001 a kg at the auction held at the Assam Tea Auction Centre in Guwahati.

GTAC officials said Manohari Gold Tea came under the hammer for a record price of Rs 39,001 a kg, a record high for any brand of orthodox tea at any auction centre across the world. It was bought by Sourabh Tea Traders Pvt. Ltd. of Guwahati.

This gold tea was prepared by tea expert CK Parashar under the guidance of Rajan Lohia, owner of Manohari Tea Estate, Dibrugarh.

Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers’ Association secretary Dinesh Bihani termed the record auction a proud moment for GTAC.