Assam: State-run Madrasas, Sanskrit Tols to be closed by August 15, says Himanta Biswa Sarma


GUWAHATI: Assam government will shut down all the government Madrasas and Sanskrit Tols within August 15, announced finance minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma during Budget Debate at Assam Legislative Assembly.

In his speech, Dr. Sarma said, “We will shut down Madrasas and Sanskrit Tols within August 15. Madrasas will be converted to High Schools. No one will lose their jobs. Only those teachers who were appointed to teach only religious scriptures, they will get salary from home. Later we will try to give them Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) without disturbing their family income”

“We don’t teach religions with government expenditure. It creates divisions in the society,” Sarma added.

He further said that there is no issue with teaching Arabic or Sanskrit languages. But government can’t provide education on religious scriptures.