Assam: Speed Limit Set At Maximum 100 Km/Hour


Guwahati: The state cabinet meeting held on Thursday decided to fix speed limit to maximum 100 km per hour in the state roads.

As per the decision, only the non transport motor vehicles can ply at a speed of 100 km/ hour while on 4 lane roads. However, they have to reduce the speed to 70 km/ hour on other roads and further to 60km/hour while on roads within municipal limit.

Similarly, the speed for transport vehicles (with 8 passengers) was restricted to 80 km/ hour while on 4 lane roads, 60km/hour on other roads and 50km/hour on municipal roads. Besides, speed limit was set for other passenger vehicles and goods carrying vehicles in the state too.

The cabinet decided that two wheelers will be allowed to travel at a speed of maximum 60km/hour on 4 lane roads. On other roads and roads within municipal limits, the motorcycles can run at 50km/hour.

The cabinet has taken the decision in view of increased accidents caused by overspeeding in the state.