Assam soaks in festive holi spirit, special celebrations at satras


Guwahati: Today is Holi. Today people are reveling the festival of colours as the country welcomes the season of spring in full bloom. All over the country, people are celebrating Holi in full festive fervour.

In Assam too, people are celebrating Holi with full festive fervour. The festival of Holi forms an integral part of the Vaishnav Satra culture of the state. Holi is the biggest festival for the various Satras in the state as the festivities last for days altogether. Among the Satras of Assam, Holi is known as Doul Utsav.

In the renowned Batadrawa Satra, Holi is being celebrated today as people gather singing traditional Holi geet and playing in the various colours welcoming spring. The Holi festivities are lasting for four days this year with today reaching a crescendo today. Today all the ritualistic worship of Lord Krishna and other festivities would be taken throughout the course of the day. People gathered at the Satra and offered prayers in the morning.

Meanwhile, Holi festivities have also begun at the Charan Dhora Bornamghor in Darrang. The festival of Holi is being celebrated here for three days with today being the final day for revelers as they celebrate the festival of colours while singing devotional Holi songs.

On the other hand, Holi festivities have also picked up among the residents of the pilgrim town of Hajo. Residents of Bongaltola are celebrating the festival of colours and also observing the birth anniversary of Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadev.

Meanwhile, Holi celebrations are also being held among the people of Amguri. People of Jaji village gathered at the Kaniya Gossain community hall to celebrate the festival of Holi and play with colours among themselves.

Meanwhile, people in Mangaldoi are enjoying the festivities as they play with colours in full fervour.  Holi festivities are also being seen at the renowned Doul Govinda Temple in North Guwahati. Revelers are celebrating the Holi festivities while performing rituals related to the Holi celebrations specific to Doul Govinda Temple.