Assam: Prime accused in Purabi dairy distributor Ranjit Bora murder case killed in police encounter


Prime accused in Purabi dairy distributor Ranjit Bora murder case, Shah Alam Talukdar was killed in an encounter in Sonapur on February 17 after he escaped from police custody.

Talukdar escaped from police custody while he was being taken to the Botahghuli area in Guwahat by the Satgaon Police for conducting a search operation.

According to police, he was in handcuffs when he escaped from custody. Earlier on February 10, Alam tried to kill himself in the lockup at the Dispur Police Station in Guwahati.

Shah Alam is the prime accused in the case and is a resident of the Panjabari area where Ranjit Bora, the Purabi dairy distributor was killed.

As per reports, Shah Alam attempted to kill himself using the sharp edges of a bucket. He tried to cut his nerves on the wrist.

Shah Alam is among six accused in the case. Of the six, five have already been arrested.
The distributor of Purabi Diary, Ranjit Bora was shot dead inside his car he was travelling to a bank in Guwahati to deposit money.

The incident took place near the Silpagram at Panjabari road in Guwahati, Assam.