Assam Police to impose fine on vehicles using black nets or tinted Glass on windows


Guwahati: The Assam Police on Tuesday (September 13) warned people who use black net as an alternative to black tinting on vehicle windows.

People who cover their car windows with black film or black nets have been cautioned by the police that fines will be imposed on them.

Guwahati Police in a tweet said, “Black is Black, no matter what! It has been observed that some people are using Black Net in place of Black Tinting on Vehicle Windows.

“We want to reiterate that use of Black Film or Black Net on Vehicles, both attract Fines. Opaque Black Net is not the same as a Sunscreen,” it added.

Notably, the Supreme Court banned the use of tinted glasses in vehicles in 2012.

The Supreme Court has ordered a complete ban on the use of tinted plastic films irrespective of the degree of visibility on windscreens and other glass panels of vehicles throughout the country.

“No black film or any material can be pasted on the windscreens or side glasses of a vehicle,” the bench said, imposing a complete ban on plastic films in unambiguous terms. On the Central Motor Vehicle Rules mandating minimum visibility of 70 per cent for windscreens and 50 per cent for side windows, the court said the parameters were for manufacturers but once the vehicles came into the hands of buyers the specifications could not be changed. “None can be permitted to create his own device to bring down the percentage of the VLT (Visual Light Transmission) thereafter,” the court said.