Assam Police New Year invitation for drunk and rash drivers: Try not to be our guest


Guwahati: Assam Police is back again with their wit and sassy post on the social platform which has grabbed the eye balls and hearts of netizens and all for the good reason.

In a latest post shared by the Assam Police ahead of the New Year celebrations, and well, using ‘pun–intended’ in a responsible manner.

Assam Police that often resorts to humor in its awareness campaigns today shared a special invitation for people who are planning to drink and/or rash drive this new years eve.

Assam Police has warned rash drivers, drunk drivers and other eligible violators of be cautious of driving their vehicles on New Year’s Eve, violation of the rules which will attract heavy penalty along with a night in the lockup.

In its invitation letter, the state police asked all such people to try and not be their guests.

The police sarcastically allowed free entry for Rash drivers, Drunk drivers and other eligible violators.

Furthermore, it also stated that a special performance will be done by DJ Lockup.

The special new years eve menu includes CopCake and other dessert items in the police’s custard-y.

Lastly, the state police asked responsible citizens to report violation RSVP Via WhatsApp : 9132699735.

Taking to Twitter Assam Police wrote, “If your New Year’s Eve plans include drunk and/or rash driving, this invitation is for you. P.S – Stag Entry Allowed. #ThinkBeforeYouDrive #NewYearsEveParty


For the past few days, Assam Police has been conducting regular checks for drunken driving in Guwahati head of New Year celebrations.

Many driving licenses have been suspended along with Rs 10,000 fines imposed each under applicable penal provisions.

Earlier, Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, made it clear to the people that drivers won’t be allowed to drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol on the New Year’s Eve.

Anyone found driving while in drunken state, or ferrying passengers while drunk, will be detained for the night and would be allowed to leave only next morning added the Chief Minister. 

Assam has already witnessed more than 6,800 accidents, in which over 2,800 people have lost their lives in 2021 which has forced the state administration to vow to have accident-free celebrations on December 31.