Assam People’s Democratic Alliance to contest in 126 seats


Guwahati: With the Assam Legislative Assembly elections getting closer, the state is witnessing a rise in political parties. Following the formation of the Congress-led grand alliance, the state has seen formation of seven smaller political parties and another grand alliance. 

The newly-formed Assam People’s Democratic Alliance (ADA) has announced to field candidates in 126 constituencies of the State in the forthcoming Assam Assembly Election.

The Assam People’s Democratic Alliance (ADA) is a political alliance of the Rashtriya Ulema Council, the Political Justice Party (PJP), the Bhartiya Gana Parishad, the Minority People’s Party, the National Road Map Party of India, the Secular Inquilab Party, and the Apna Janata Party.

Speaking at a press conference at the Dispur Press Club about the new alliance, Shantanu Mukherjee, state president of the Political Justice Party (PJP) said that the party  will contest the upcoming assembly elections in all 126 constituencies.

Mukherjee, claimed that his party will form the government in Assam winning more than 70 seats. “Previous governments and the current government have failed to solve Assam’s problems. The government has failed to address the issues of the people in the development of the state. Therefore, if our government is formed, we will definitely solve every issue,”

Mukherjee also promised to take steps to repeal the Citizenship Amendment Act, re-establish the status of Assam as a Special State, resolve the issue of D-voters, and make flood and erosion in the state a national issue if their government is formed.