Assam: ‘Mysterious’ disease kills 6 children in Karimganj


GUWAHATI/KARIMGANJ: People of Karnamadhu village in Karimganj district are in panic mode due to a mysterious disease that has already taken the lives of 6 children.

Three of the children were from the same family.

According to reports many more have been infected with the disease with symptoms of pain in the throat, fever and bleeding from the mouth, ultimately leading to death.

Due to the fear of infection, children have been made to wear protective masks. So far around 25 people have been affected by this disease. Those affected are being treated at Karimganj Civil Hospital and Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

Officials from the health department, Assam have performed health screening and taken blood samples that have been sent to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for examining.

Dr. Anup Kumar Daityari, Joint Director, Health Department, Karimganj informed, “We had received information that in Karnamadhu a few patients had died. We immediately sent a medical team who collected information that six children had died. Four of these had gone to Silchar Medical College for treatment and died there. We have again sent a medical team in the morning comprising of ENT and paediatricians. They have screened 25 children there. The ENT doctors have reported that some of them had pharyngitis, some had tonsillitis.”