Assam: Muslim Woman performs last rites of Hindu sworn-brother


GUWAHATI: Assam Woman Muskan Begum has set a good example of communal harmony in the society as she being a Muslim by religion lit her sworn-brothers funeral pyre who was a Hindu by religion.

Muskan Begum is a resident of Sivasagar district of Assam. 

People of Assam appreciated her work and her pictures of performing last rites of the brother, Dhruba Mazumder become viral on the internet.

Muskan wrote in a Facebook post, “I have lost my dear brother today. He has no one in life except me. His grandmother brought him up after losing his parents. I am with him since then. I promised him to stand by his side through thick-and-thin.”

“I feel my brother was very lucky because my sworn-brother Dhrubajyoti Mazumder’s last rites were performed according to Hindu and Islam religion,” said Muskan Begum in an interview with NewsLive.