Assam: Kidnapped businessman Santosh Hojai’s body recovered in Dima Hasao’s Langting


GUWAHATI: The dead body of the kidnapped businessman Santosh Hojai has been found. The body was found buried near Langting on the National Highway yesterday evening, creating sensation in the area. The body was discovered when Golonjo Thaosen, Executive Member of the NC Hills Autonomous Council, stopped by the spot and noticed a freshly excavated mound of earth nearby.

He then informed the nearby Langting police station who got the spot and dug out the body of Santosh Hojai. Santosh Hojai, a business man from Harangajao was abducted by unknown gunmen from his house during the nationwide lockdown on April 24.

Police had launched a manhunt to locate the kidnapped person as well as the kidnappers. However, their failure to do so over the past few days had met with considerable public criticism. Such a sensational kidnapping and murder and burying the police that too not far from the local Langting police station has raised a lot of questions on the law and order situation in the area. More than that, the fact that all of this took place in the midst of the lockdown has come as a shock to everyone.