Assam introduces first-of-its-kind Tenancy Act


GUWAHATI: A first-of-its-kind Assam Tenancy Act 2021 was introduced in the state legislative assembly on Friday. As per the Act, landlords cannot increase the rents on their whims and fancies. The Assam Tenancy Act 2021 will try to develop a better relationship between the tenant and landlord and will help resolve various rent agreement issues. Rent will be determined after a consensus between the two parties and the landlord cannot increase the rent on a random basis.

“There are various issues between a landlord and tenant. Some people don’t respect the agreement when it comes to leaving the premises. This results in landlords not letting out accommodation. After this act comes into force, the let out process will become easier. This tenancy act will address the various issues of both the parties,” said Minister for the Department of Housing & Urban Affairs, Ashok Singhal in Guwahati.

“There are many pending cases between a landlord and tenant in civil courts. For this we will have a rent tribunal/rent appellate authority in every district. These disputes will be resolved there,” updated Ashok Singhal.