Assam: In chilling video, rowdy biker group parties, brags about police inaction after one of them kills woman in Bilasipara


First, an accident that takes the life of a 69-year-old woman. And then a video on social media where a group of rowdy bikers involved in the accident are seen rejoicing, celebrating the death of the woman and bragging about how they could get out from the police lock-up in just 10 minutes.

For most of you, this might appear like the script of a blockbuster Bollywood movie, one that will hook cine buffs to their seats. This, however, isn’t a reel-life suspense thriller but is sadly a spine-chilling real-life incident that took place in Bilasipara in Assam’s Dhubri district.

The video, posted on social media, shook the very consciousness of people after the incident was first reported by News Live.

The rowdy group of bikers, who called themselves ‘Gang of Devil’ could be seen rejoicing and partying in the video. In the video posted on social media by a youth named Akhir Islam, a resident of Bilasipara, he could be seen bragging about the incident and rejoicing after killing the woman in the accident.

“One of our brothers today killed a woman in an accident and he came out of the police lock-up in just 10 minutes. This is the power of the Gang of Devils. We are partying now,” Akhir Islam can be heard saying in the video.

The spine-chilling video has created shock and disbelief among people, particularly at how such a group of youths could rejoice and celebrate after killing a woman, now identified as Sakina, and also how could they walk out of a police station after committing such a crime.

News Live has now learned that a youth named Minahajul Karim had knocked down the old lady while Islam, as stated earlier, had recorded the video and posted it on social media.

Meanwhile, after News Live broke the story this morning, Assam Police was caught off guard with top cops in the Assam Police headquarters seeking answers from Bilasipara Police.

“The video is in very bad taste. The one who had posted the video has also been identified. We are following up on the case. Action will be taken against them,” Dhubri SP Aparna Natarajan said.