Assam Govt proposes guidelines to reopen schools, colleges from Sept 1


GUWAHATI: With the aim to reopen schools and colleges, the Assam government has framed a set of guidelines and sought views from the stakeholders. The state government is mulling to reopen the educational institutes from September 1 if COVID-19 situation improves in the state. Educational institutes in Assam have remained shut from March due to COVID-19 pandemic.

N. Laskar, joint secretary in the Assam higher education department issued the guidelines on Tuesday which have been uploaded in the state Sarba Siksha Abhiyan website for public viewing and to submit opinions.

According to the guidelines, the informal classes that are being planned from September 1 are not compulsory for the students. Only those students who are interested in attending the classes can join the Informal classes from September 1 onwards. Interested students would have to inform their institutions beforehand, wear masks to attend informal classes and maintain physical distance of 8 feet while attending classes.

It also states mandatory COVID-19 tests for teachers, resource persons, education department staff etc. between August 23 and August 30 to be able to attend classes and santisation of venues to be used for informal classes before classes start and thereafter on interval of every 15 days.

However, online education being imparted to students at present by using digital devices will continue without any break.

As per the guidelines, students from classes I to IV don’t have to come to school but their parents/guardian can collect hard copies of their assignments while collecting rations meant for mid-day meals.

For classes V to VIII, four venues like community halls, libraries, open fields, courtyard of houses etc. will have to be identified outside school premises where students in groups of 15 will be imparted classes for anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes in batches.

“These resource persons/teachers shall teach in the style which was earlier used in ‘gurukul’ (style of imparting knowledge by teachers in informal setup like underneath large trees). They will use improved techniques like storytelling, project preparation, assignments, tests etc.,” the guidelines read.