Assam Government to Conduct Special Drive to Check Ragging in Colleges, Universities


The Assam government will soon launch a drive to find out all former students staying illegally in college and university hostels and ask them to leave in order to prevent ragging, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Thursday.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma reiterated that the state government would leave no stone unturned to prevent ragging in educational institutions.

“Former students should henceforth be barred from staying in college or university hostels, and very soon, the state government will embark on a drive in this regard. This way, I believe about 60 percent of the problem will be solved,” Sarma said.

The chief minister further said that the police department and university/college administration have to coordinate and work together to prevent or stop ragging in educational institutions.

“We will deal with the menace of ragging strongly,” he added.

Meanwhile, Anand Sharma, the first-semester student of Dibrugarh University, who had sustained severe spinal cord fractures, after jumping off his hostel building, unable to bear brutal ragging by seniors, was operated on successfully by doctors at a private nursing home in Dibrugarh on Thursday afternoon.

“Surgery on Anand Sharma, the ragging victim of Dibrugarh, has been done successfully. Thanks to Dr Anil Pannalal, the neurosurgeon. Dr Nirmal Sahewalla of Aditya Nursing Home has informed me that Anand Sharma is doing well now,” Assam education minister Ranoj Pegu informed on Twitter.

Speaking to reporters, Dr. Sahewalla said the operation on Anand was successful and that the doctors were anticipating a speedy recovery.

“The operation took about two and half hours to be completed. Titanium plates have been fixed while a pacemaker too was also placed,” he said, adding that “Anand should be able to walk soon.”