Assam: Girl shamed for wearing jeans in Biswanath Chariali


Guwahati: In yet another bizzare incident, a girl was allegedly misbehaved by a shop owner for wearing jeans in a village in Biswanath Chariali district of Assam.

As per reports, the incident took place on 25th October when she went to buy a pair of earphones from the man who carries out his business from him home.

“I went to his house to buy a pair of earphones. I was shocked to see him yelling at me, rebuking me. At first I was not able to comprehend what was the issue. He then lashed out at me and said that I shouldn’t be wearing jeans”. the girl narrated.

“I wear all kinds of clothes including Salawar kameez, jeans, dresses etc. I am not saying that wearing a burkha or hijab is something bad yet he has no right to enforce anything on me”, she added.

“My clothes does not define my character”, she added.

The girl stated that the elderly man in his 60s known as Nurul Amin went on to call her a prostitute for the choice of her clothes.

The girl informed the incident to her family which led to an argument.

After two days of the incident, the girl’s father was brutally beaten by Nurul Amin and his sons.

Amin runs a business of electronics from his home.

The girl stated that she was in utter shock to see his reaction.

The Girl’s family supported the girl and openly questioned the man.