Assam flood situation remain unchanged


The flood situation in Assam continues to be grim with worst-hit Golaghat district showing no sign of improvement. Many places in the State continue to be under water and rivers are flowing above the danger level.

In the worst-hit Golaghat district both the Dhansiri and Doyang rivers are flowing above the danger level. Swirling waters of the Pansoi washed away more than fifty houses in Dhekiajuli.

The situation in Sarupathar is no better with the Dhansiri eroding away large chunks of land mass besides flooding many villages.

On the other hand, Japanese encephalitis (JE) took four lives in Lakhimpur and almost thirty-nine people are suffering the disease. Culex tritaeniorhynchus is a small, dark brown mosquito that is active at night and found mainly around puddles and in areas for farming and livestock.