Assam: Flood forces locals in Chirang to evacuate


Chirang (Assam): Residents of Dababil village of Chirang district here are facing immense distress and have been forced to evacuate from their hometown due to the possibility of floods following rising water levels in the Northeastern state.

People of Dababil village, which accommodates about 80-85 houses, left their house to flee as soon as the water level came down.

Speaking to ANI, one of the locals said, “The water levels came down today. We have decided to leave our houses as the situation over here may get worse.”

Transportation in more than 100 villages has been cut off due to the flooding. Roads have been destructed and even boats cannot be used for transportation due to the high current and rising water levels.

Adding to their woes, the villagers claimed that the government has not yet provided them with any aid.

“We have not received any aid or food from the government. We eat a single meal every day. We are stuck here since the past 10-15 days,” another local said.
NDRF and SDRF teams could not reach the village due to the high flow of water level in rivers. (ANI)