Assam: Father confesses to killing one-year-old child in Gohpur


Guwahati: In a big development the father who was accused of killing his one-year-old child in Gohpur, has finally confessed his crime to the police.

The accused identified as Sachin Bordoloi had been missing after committing the heinous crime on Wednesday and returned to his home in the early hours of Friday, after which the Gohpur Police arrested him.

The arrest was made following the deceased’s mother’s statement, in which she claimed that her husband has mercilessly killed their one-year-old toddler.

The Gohpur Police are currently interrogating Sachin Bordoiloi to know the actual reason behind the crime by taking him into custody for three days.

The shocking incident came to the fore on Thursday after the body of the one-year-old was found in Assam’s Gohpur. It was later revealed that the child would have been celebrating its first birthday; however, his life was cut short.

The mother of the child was informed about the incident and she immediately rushed to the scene where the body was found in Gohpur. Upon finding her lifeless child there, she broke down inconsolably.

According to initial reports, a bicycle along with a shopping bag was also found near the scene of the crime in Gohpur. The father had reportedly taken the child along with him on the pretext of going out for shopping.

The mother of the deceased child had said, “Stern action should be taken against the culprits who killed my son. My son did not do anything. He was innocent. I can’t comprehend why he had to be killed like this.”

On Friday, the locals of the area gathered outside the Gohpur Police Station demanding strict action against the accused father.