Assam Elections: Smriti Irani, Rajnath Singh to campaign on March 13, 14


GUWAHATI: Union defence minister Rajnath Singh and textile minister Smriti Irani will visit Assam to campaign for the NDA candidates in the upcoming assembly elections.

Singh will visit Assam on March 14 to campaign for Pramod Barthakur in Biswanath, Utpal Bora in Gohpur and Bhaben Bharali in Dergaon.

On the other hand, Smriti Irani on March 13 will attend three rallies to campaign for Ramani Tanti in Mariani, Surabhi Rajkowari in Sivasagar and Anil Saikia in Samaguri.

“We believe that the arrival of National Politicians will make the party workers more enthusiastic,” said Assam state BJP in a statement.