Assam CM greets people on Bhogali Bihu


Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Bhogali Bihu.

Taking To Twitter CM Sarma wrote, “ভোগালী বিহুটি কৃষিজীৱী চহা সমাজৰ প্রাপ্তিৰ আনন্দৰে সমৃদ্ধ। ঢেঁকীৰ মাত, আখলত পিঠা-পনা, ভেলাঘৰ বা মেজিঘৰত জ্যেষ্ঠ তথা অনুজৰ ৰঙেৰে জীপাল সময়ত অগ্নি দেৱতাৰ মন্ত্রপূত ধ্বনিয়ে কঢ়িয়ায় মাংগলিক শুভ বার্তা। সকলোলৈ সুখ-শান্তি আৰু সমৃদ্ধিৰ কামনাৰে জনাইছোঁ ভোগালী বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা।”

Earlier in a statement, CM Sarma said, “I extend my heartiest wishes to the people of Assam on the occasion of Bhogali Bihu. This Bihu is the festival of abundance which provides an opportunity for our people to celebrate our intrinsic relations with our nature. It is also an occasion to celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Hope the celebrations besides giving us an opportunity to promote our culture, strengthen the bond of friendship and camaraderie cutting across all divides.”

He also said, “Let the Mejis and the tradition of putting in on fire consign all negative forces to strengthen the bond of universal brotherhood in our state. I also hope that the celebrations of Bhogali Bihu throughout the state will fortify our age-old bonds existing among our people cutting across all communities and ethnicities”.