Assam CM Assures To Dissolve Pending Gorkha Cases In Foreigners’ Tribunal


Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday said that the state government has directed public prosecutors to work towards the disposal of existing pending cases against the Gorkha community with the foreigners’ tribunal.

The Chief Minister reiterated last month’s cabinet decision not to persecute the Gorkha community today while dedicating a 14 KM road from Tupia to Balijuri at Sootea Legislative Assembly.

The Chief Minister also asserted that the BJP led government within three months into power has taken three crucial decisions in favour of the Gorkha community.

The decisions include the Gorkha community living in tribal belts and blocks were declared as ‘protected class’. They will be entitled to land rights. No cases will be filed in foreigners’ tribunal against them.

The Chief Minister also assured that the government will be taking measures to safeguard the language, literature, customs, and traditions of Gorkhas.

As per reports, so far, 22,000 Gorkhas have been marked as “doubtful voters or “D voters” arbitrarily in the electoral rolls since 1997 and nearly 2,500 were being heard at the various Foreigners’ Tribunals.

“Around 500 cases were disposed of since the NRC (National Register of Citizens) process began. A few were given ex-parte decisions and declared foreigners. Some were jailed in a detention camp. With our combined efforts, most of these cases have been resolved, but some are still pending,” a New Indian Express report stated.