Assam: Chief Electoral Officer issues guidelines for By-polls


Guwahati: Nitin Khade, the Chief Electoral Officer of Assam issued guidelines for the Assam Assembly by-polls scheduled to be held on October 30.

Addressing a press conference at Assam Administrative Staff College,Nitin Khade briefs on the COVID-19 protocols.

Check the guidelines for the by-polls here:

  • Voting will be start from morning 7 am and will end at 5 pm on the same day.
  • Public gatherings and procession during nomination filing are prohibited.
  • The election campaign will be strictly prohibited after 7 pm, that is the political parties will not be allowed to campaign after 7 pm to  10 pm.
  • Meanwhile only five persons are allowed to go for house-to-house campaign.
  • Holding  road show or a motorcycle rally during the election campaign is strictly prohibited.
  • The election campaign should be closed 72 hours before the polls start.
  • For outdoor meeting 50 % of the capacity or 1000 whichever is less as per COVID guidelines in case of star campaigns
  • The election commission directed that additional voting centres should be established in areas where there are more than 1000 voters.
  • Postal voting will be available to senior citizens over the age of 80 who are physically challenged.
  • Voters have been asked to visit the voting centre wearing proper mask, or else they will be given one at the polling place.
  • COVID protocols must be followed by the election officer, voters, and candidates.
  • Candidates found violating the COVID-19  protocols as provided by the government will be barred from campaigning.

Addressing the media Nitin Khade said since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world the Assam election commission hold the general election in March abiding by all the COVID protocols. The Assam Assembly election held between March -April this year in three phases.

He said  around 1.7 lakh polling personnel and staff were vaccinated before the end of March and therefore all the precautions to prevent the spread of the infection were taken.

This time also the election commission will put all the possible efforts for the smooth conducting of the polls concerning public health.