Assam: Breaking Coronavirus lockdown turns into a competition in Guwahati


GUWAHATI: Breaking the lockdown has turned into a competition for many citizens in Guwahati. With no heed to the precautions against Coronavirus outbreak, many people have been venturing out to the streets of Guwahati every day during the ongoing 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Similar scene of violation of lockdown was seen today in Ganeshguri area. People in large number gathered at Ganeshguri after they got a rumour that government is distributing free ration. People from different parts of Guwahati thronged Ganeshguri area with no precautionary measure against the spread of Coronavirus.

“I have come from last gate. I have been waiting here for around 5 AM. But now we have come to know that there will be no distribution of ration today,” said a man standing in the long queue without maintaining minimum social distancing.

The large number of people gathered to collect their ration without paying heed to the government’s call to maintain social distancing or take other precautionary measures against the spread of Coronavirus.