Assam: Bhramyaman Theatre In Nagaon Reopens After 2 Years


Guwahati: After remaining shut for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Bhramyaman’ – a theatre, also known as ‘The Roving Theatre Of Assam’ – re-opened once again in Nagaon on Tuesday.

The theatre has been an important part of the cultural heritage of the state, which involves the participation of people through the medium of ‘performing arts’.

“During the sudden closure of all performances for around two years, we had to pass through a tremendous crisis,” said Mridul Bhuyan, popular star of the ‘Bhramyaman’.

He also thanked the Assam government for their approval to perform theatre as the pandemic slowed down.

“There are many untold stories of survival during the Coronavirus pandemic that have taught us a different lesson. We, the theatre artists never thought of savings, because with the flow of roving/mobile theatre, we simply carry on our journey of life,” he added.

“The Itihas Theatre is the first among them who presented the first show to bring the traditional flavour in Guwahati. And the response of the audience is gradually increasing to come to see the performances of the artists. They have a show on April 3, 4, 5 continue at Nagaon town,” said Dhananjit Talukdar, a theatre performer.

The spectators of the theatre as well as the artists hope for the government’s continuous support and encouragement in the form of better opportunities for these artists.

(Inputs from ANI)