Assam all set to celebrate Bhogali Bihu, Uruka today


Assam is all set to celebrate Bhogali Bihu with gusto and enthusiasm with people getting ready for community feast on Uruka tonight. The harvest festival holds special significance for every Assamese with people, particularly in semi-urban and rural pockets of the State, constructing bhelaghars based on various themes that have now become crowdpuller, catching the attention of all and sundry.

Meanwhile, markets witnessed hectic activity as people made last-minute purchases. Fish markets hogged all limelight as people made a beeline to them to get their choicest fish variety.

The fish market at Uzan Bazaar was among the centre of all attraction as people thronged the Brahmaputra river bank as early as 2-3 am in the morning to grab the best deal.

Fish sellers came from in and around Guwahati and from places as far as Nalbari, Mangaldai and Nagaon.

Nearly a lakh footfall was recorded at the Uzan Bazaar Ghat till noon as fishes weighing as high as 15-20 kilograms were sold.

“I came to the Uzan Bazaar fish market at 5 am. It always feels good to come here on Uruka morning and take home a good fish. I never miss the opportunity to come here and make purchases for Bhogali uruka,” Anjali Deka of Rajgarh Road said, adding that prices are a bit on the higher side.

Fish markets in other places of the State also witnessed massive crowds.


On the other hand, readymade ‘mejis’ have been another attraction in Guwahati this year with vendors selling these ‘mejis’ — constructed with bamboo and hay — at many places in the capital city.

Meanwhile, people took part in community fishing at various places as part of the Bhogali fervour and festivities.