Assam: 3 convicted in Abhayakhuti rape and murder case sentenced to death


Guwahati: The three convicted accused in the sensational rape and murder case of two minor sisters in Abhayakhuti, Kokrajhar have been sentenced to death.  

 The three criminals, Parijul Rahman, Nasibul Ali Sheik and Mozzamel Sheik were convicted for the rape and murder of two girls of a poor tribal family by the Kokrajhar special court in Assam on Wednesday (April 6).

The Hon’ble Special Court in Kokrajhar has announced the judgment against the three accused persons who were involved in the Abhayakuti rape and murder case. The court has fixed the punishment hearing and final judgment on April 8.

A gang of Muslim youth abducted two tribal girls in the Abhayakhuti area of Kokrajhar district on June 11, 2021. They gang-raped and murdered the minor girls and hanged them to a tree.

The rapist tried to show it as a case of suicide. Initially, it looked like a suicide case.

The girls who were from the same family went to the nearby weekly market. On return to their home, a gang of 7 Muslim criminals abducted them, raped and murdered the girls and hanged them to a tree. The incident of dual suicide shocked and jolted the state.

Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma visited the place of the incident and ordered a thorough investigation.

Police arrested seven suspected on that day, and in their investigation, it was found that the girls were raped and murdered by the gang.

After nine months of hearing and production of witnesses and evidence by police, the special court on Wednesday found the three accused, Parijul Rahman Nasibul Ali Sheik and Mozzamel Sheik of Abhayakhuti, guilty of rape and murder of the minor girls.